I Am Recovering Because my Chin Hairs are BACK!!!!

I know I’m on the way to recovery because I just saw in my magnifying mirror a fresh crop of white and black long chin hairs! My body is regenerating  itself! YEAH! And the hair on my head is long with white and dark-colored hairs all over it..its soft fur at the moment. In another week, you will not be calling me bald anymore.

BUT, I just had my surgery on this past Monday and I sit here not able to drive or do much for myself. I’m on some hefty drugs and I have two annoying tubes in my body with drain catchers on the ends that have to be  drained twice a day and record the amount of fluid. I can walk and talk and of course eat…. but driving, you would not want to be on the road if I was behind the wheel today!!!  Cancer treatment is not pretty. I don’t think it has sunk in yet that I only have one breast. I have on a surgical bra with velcro down the front and lots of gauze inside the bra. I’ve looked at myself…but I am in an altered state of mind since Monday when I came out of recovery from the surgery.   My friend Deborah is staying with me through Sunday and I go back to surgeon’s office on the 28th of April…and I do hope the tubes come out then….here is how I look today:

Mastectomy of left breast

Can you see how large these bulbs and drains are? Very uncomfortable, especially trying to sleep and trying to hide these so  I don’t gross little children out when I venture out of my house….they look real yuky….

Hospital experience was scary but I do not remember much of anything…I didn’t even know there were people in my room when I woke up..they just thought I was awake….I am pretty much a mess right now…Deborah has me lined up with my meds so I don’t forget to take them or take too many…that would not be pretty….so my blog is short and not so insightful at the moment. I will give you more information about the surgery later this week.

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11 Responses to I Am Recovering Because my Chin Hairs are BACK!!!!

  1. jewelz says:

    Color is back in your cheeks! Yea!!

    Re: the drains… big button-up shirts are your friends. No lifting your arms, you can just unbutton and let it slide down your arms. And no children will be harmed by the sight of your temporary appendages. 😉

    Glad to see they hooked you up with one of those drain belts (that is what I was hunting for!) because they make it possible to shower and change clothes without having to deal with pins or t-shirts.

    Another phase of treatment out of the way. (I was surprisingly not upset by losing the breast… YMMV)

    p.s. Please send your love to my friend, Lori, who is having a double-radical with immediate reconstruction today…

  2. jewelz says:

    p.s.s. Shall I come over with my handy-dandy tweezers or do you want to hang on to some hair for a bit? hehheh

  3. HAHHAHAHA….no, I delighted in plucking them out slowly….I was happy to see them and some of them were pretty long…lololol…I guess they grew like weeds overnight. And how is the elastic band make it easier to shower…I cannot figure that one out, just get it wet or something…I’m taking lady baths at the moment…lololol….I have to pin the elastic because it is so cheap it is stretched out of shape. And I am sorry for your friend Lori but I bet she will be feeling as good as I did knowing the cancer is out of her. I was ecstatic…she must not need radiation like I do….cause I have to wait 6 months for reconstruction….damn…..

    • jewelz says:

      Elastic belt makes it easier to shower because you can get it wet. It’s holding the bulbs so you don’t have to either hold them or shower in a shirt… lots less to get wet/have to dry. Lori was very early stage but has history of very aggressive breast CA in her family (her mother died from it) so she opted for bilateral. Got an email from her husband a little while ago and the surgery went well and she’s doing fine. Yea!

  4. TRINA VanBibber says:

    Sam I just am so excited to see in that photo that great smile back on your face!!!
    I have to kiddos home with stomach flu so I am grateful that are getting better too!
    Thank your lovely friend Deb or Deborah on taking care of the “AMAZING SAM!”
    your courage amazes and suprises me but then again you are a LEO! love Hugs and Kissed from us all Zack, Zoe, Trina, Erick

  5. Leslie Sirag says:

    You are looking great Sam–good color, fuzzy head, your own wonderful smile, and the spirit that makes me so happy to be your friend shining right through all the tubes, bags, bandages, etc.
    Radiation is still to come? Did they find the tumor & save it for you?
    & if no tumor, why the radiation?
    My BIL was tattooed with dots to aim the radiation right where it was needed, but I think that was at tumor.
    Craft fair & arts walk tomorrow– gotta go figure out what I’m doing & pack the car. Keep smiling–or laughing’s even better. Love you!

  6. jewelz says:

    @Leslie… Radiation is typically after surgery. They do everything possible to get clear margins then radiate to make sure it’s all gone. They aim it at the tumor site, even if the tumor is gone.

    They can’t give you the tumor, it’s used for pathology purposes. And heaven knows, that would be the last thing I would want floating around on my bookshelves! (Sam, however, may have a completely different take! 🙂

  7. Randy Keith says:

    yeah, like you haven’t always scared small children … lol … great to see you sitting up and looking so pretty smiling. Let It Be – an amazing day for you and Deborah! Hope the sun is shinning as brightly as you smile!!

  8. Sam! There is that awesome smile of yours. You are looking great 🙂 I have something for you that I need to drop off. You will be surprised for sure! I’ll call you next week to see whens a good time to come by. Have a great weekend. MUAH! Love you!

  9. perry says:

    Well if that’s not the biggest grin I’ve ever seen on your lovely face! Keep on, it suits you well. Get better and better, dance fast and free. We’ll toast your health till the sun, we can’t see. An when the galsses are empty and the cups are down, we shall all rejoice till the sun comes back round. Cheers

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