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Pay It Forward

I want to share some OTC drugs and items that have helped me with my side effects of chemo with other ladies and gents too. Things that worked for me may not however, work for you but I know from … Continue reading

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I Am Recovering Because my Chin Hairs are BACK!!!!

I know I’m on the way to recovery because I just saw in my magnifying mirror a fresh crop of white and black long chin hairs! My body is regenerating¬† itself! YEAH! And the hair on my head is long … Continue reading

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Hope is All I Got Left

Had my surgical¬† appointment and after visiting with the nurse, the P.A., and then finally the surgeon and up and down elevators to one office after another I’m home but not for long. I have to be back at MD … Continue reading

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Tingling and Numbness in my Fingers and Toes May never Go Away

I set up at the First Saturday Art Market this past saturday April 2, 2010…was a slow day until the end of the afternoon but had a lot of fun and saw a lot of friends that day. I’m rockin … Continue reading

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Dancing, Dancing Danceing….sing to music as you read it..that old disco song…

I’m sitting here at the computer taking a breather in the literal sense. I slept last night and it makes me feel better and each day after chemo..the LAST CHEMO…EVER! I RANG THE BELL REMEMBER UNIVERSE,¬† I RANG THE DAMN … Continue reading

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