Anger,Prayers and Kindness from Strangers and Friends

After I posted yesterday my “Angry” blog entry, I received the nicest prayer list from a very dear friend, Cindy W. She has her whole community of supportive girlfriends that attend a church say prayers for me and send me healing’s every week….. I was so touched, it made me cry.And it started me thinking…

I do want people to know that this is not pretty what I’m going through and what other people with all kinds of cancer go through. It is hard and it tears up everything in your emotional life as well as the physical. Some of us suffer intense pain either from the disease itself or the treatment. I smile through a lot of the pain because I’m  a proud person and tough as nails….please know this isn’t easy breezy thing to be dealing with on an everyday basis and I am only human and I cry and I hurt and I don’t want anyone seeing me so down but sometimes, I gotta let it fly…….and just a little thing I might mention. Just because your friend has a smile on their face and maybe they are sitting at home they might be very depressed, lonely, hungry, needing essentials, needing a ride, or just needing company….don’t assume that it is easy to ask for help, its not….trust me. Human nature is proud and so many of us were taught to be self sufficient….and to me it’s a sign of weakness….a kind thought or deed can go  a long way… it is very hard for some of us to ask for help, I know it is for me. And sometimes I sit in suffer rather than ask. So, you could be a great service if you said to your sick friend, “How do you feel and is there ANYTHING I can do for you” and mean it.   Bringing flowers, or something as simple as a box of kleenex, homemade soup, a DVD and sitting and watching it with them. Ask them if there is anything they need at the grocery or drug store..catching them up on gossip or the latest on any topic they are interested in is so helpful… is a simple deed and so appreciated….For me a very active social person, its like living in hell being alone in my house day after day after day without seeing anyone. And again sometimes, I want to sleep and lick my wounds. Just dropping in to see me helps lift my mood and having someone you know and love come and see you is the best….Just remember, we are all in this together because we are all basically “one” and some day, you may be the one on the receiving end. I always have said, “What goes around comes right back at cha!!!” kindness will never go unforgotten and it sure makes  a soul feel good. Just read below, I’ve removed all emails addresses for privacy…thank you ladies….God Bless You…..

“Hi Sam:
My church girlfriends keep you in their prayers and we personally pray together for you every Wednesday.  I sent them your last blog and here are a few of their prayers…  Love you, Cindy

There were over 40 women’s emails and I know personally ONE of them…

Date: Friday, March 25, 2011, 10:35 PM

God we ask for your grace and support for Sam. Wrap your loving arms around her and drench her in your light, your love and your strenghth. Give her the courage to endure whatever is ahead in her plan. You are love. You are grace. You are yor salvation. Bless Sam and let her feel not only your love but also the love of those who lift her up. Bless you Sam.

Sent from my iPhone

On Mar 25, 2011, at 10:55 AM, wrote:

God, we ask for a hedge of protection around Sam – one that lets in only the light.  We know you are in the middle of Sam’s fight, please help her to feel you presence.  Amen

Hi Cindy – will keep her lifted up in prayer… God bless her…

Sent: Fri, March 25, 2011 10:21:47 AM

A posting from my friend Sam and what she deals with on a daily basis struggling with cancer…please continue to keep her in your prayers!”


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4 Responses to Anger,Prayers and Kindness from Strangers and Friends

  1. Leslie Sirag says:

    Sam, when you need help, try the Jewish point of view: accepting help is a bigger mitzvah (good deed) than giving it because it allows the giver to (more or less) pile up credits in heaven. So if you ask for something you’re just giving someone an pportunity to do that (as well as feel good about helping).
    Thus this bit of Jewish humor: The beggar knocks on the rich man’s door asking for food. Rich man says, “I’m just leaving. Can you come back in a couple of hours?” Beggar: “A couple of hours! Do you think I’ve got all day for this?” (I hope that’s funny even if yu’re not Jewish)

  2. miz jewelz says:

    Amen, Sam. (I could have used a bag of ice every couple of days when I was going through treatment)

  3. deborah says:

    and to all of you out there, that may need help, please help your friends. When we ask you if you need anything, please say YES, instead of trying to tough it out and act like you dont need it. Cause sometimes we are a little thick and we dont read minds.

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