Monday Feb.7 #4

Here I go again, up at 2 am down at 10pm last night. The steroids really keep you hopping and moving and it’s not really all that great. No or little sleep does not make you feel so good and now, its getting cold again and being up in the middle of the night when its cold is just plain awful. We are still having heating problems at our house…and until it is insulated and proper heat/cooling is changed it is not so much fun under a normal day/evening.

I had proably the best chemo nurse ever…Marco. He talked to me a lot about how not to get sick while on chemo. And cat box cleaning is out but who is going to do it? I will just suit up with mask and rubber gloves and clean it myself. Sit at the back of a restaurant, children carry too many germs, don’t go into crowds, do your normal whatever you feel like but we aware of sick people. He didn’t even like the fact that I said I would suit up cleaning the cat box. Whatever, they are my babies and I have to take care of them.

I have been using arnacia for my fingernails and it is helping I believe. It’s a natural product with no chemicals in it for point pain and swelling and bruising. All of which I have on my nails and toes…the fast growing cells in my body are being destroyed as well and the c cells. And my nails might fall off…or worse get infected. Oh Hell No! Losing my hair has been traumatic enough. WAshing dishes is more than likely not such a good idea..but I have rubber gloves and that should do the trick but it is hard for me to use them. I am such a freely touchy person…I have to get through his treatment and the side effects it is going to slap at me in a couple of days then off to #5 and then #…then, more tests, then surgery and that is going to be another BIG one. I can’t stand to talk about this surgery at this time. I will have two more, maybe reconstruction in 6 months, then more rescruction..then removal of the port…and one whole year of infusions for the drug herceptin to completely stop the growth of the c cells of the c named HER2 which I HAD in my left breast. I will receive at the end of this treatment a vacinne that is a trial to prevent the regrowth of this type of cancer. It is a trail vaccine but I willing to go for it.

Mitch is taking me to MDA this morning to get my blood-shot to raise up my blood count which my red blood count is not in high enough after taking chemo. This happens each time. I get a little shaky and unstable while on steroids and prefer to not drive. My judgment is way off now. So, Thank God for all my helping friends, the new ones and the old ones. Thank you to Deborah S. and my new nurse Marco….hope I can get him for next time, he was painless, informative and had a great sense of humor which I require in everyone that is around me at the movement.

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4 Responses to Monday Feb.7 #4

  1. Sue says:

    You are an amazing woman. Thank you for sharing this tough part of your life. I look forward to meeting you one day. Mitch who I do know is a wonderful man and friend to you. Thank God for all your friends who I see on Facebook and for Marco, your new nurse.

  2. Noreen says:

    Love the photos! You look beautiful!

    Is your chemo given in a hospital room? My treatment room looked more like a beauty salon, which added to the unreal feeling about the whole thing.

    I forgot about the steroids. This is so hard!

  3. miz jewelz says:

    I kept my port in for a while after treatment and it was so nice to not have my arm tied off for blood draws. And remember that you can’t have injections or blood pressure taken in that arm… I pretty much do everything possible to avoid lymphedema. Go Sam!

  4. helene says:

    Hi Sam. You are so beautiful with your smile lighting up the room (any room you are in) I wanted to say I love you ! And, your personal strength inside has always amazed me from the day I met you. I think about you alot and how spiritual strong you are, you are amazing, Sam. I am honored to have you in my life again. It is your strength that gives me the strength to do what you know i must do.
    Happy Valentines to my loving friend, SAM!

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