I’ve Been Toughing it Out, So far What’s New Bout That?

Gettin geared up for First Saturday Art Market on Feb.5 and next chemo right after that on Monday the 7th. And Ms. Deborah S. is going with me to my next chemo…thank you Deborah….we will have fun that day…always an adventure for me, I try and make the best of it.

New side effect is my fingernails…damn it. Have a red moon above my cuticles and my joints in index fingers appear to be red, swollen and a little hurting. It even hurts when I forget and scratch my bald itchy head. It feels like I jammed my nails straight into something. I have cut them back but probably need to cut them some more or file them down just in case I snag one of them. I hear my nails can separate and fall off….well whatever….I was pretty before all this treatment stuff and it is tearing me down little by little. I wear concealer all over my eyes when I go out in public cause I look like I have been socked in the eyes, they are turning so dark brown…just praying this is temporary too…like I will be back to normal once the chemo gets out of me and its done it’s job of making me healed…..come on good drugs…work work work for Sam….  because I do not like this one bit the nasty side effects that come with the healing….. At least my mood and energy level is very good, I even went out and listened to music last night, thank you Honey Bunny for the nice evening…you know who you are….I have a full head of white fuzz now…think its time for a shave. It itches a lot and I really don’t like wearing wigs, I prefer hats or baldness….can’t believe I can do this..the lady with the thick red long hair…yes, I paid for that red hair each month but is close to my color…close enough as in horeshoes…ya know?  Don’t you say anything!!!

Well is someone out there has a solution for the pain or redness other than calling the hospital…I don’t want to go to the hospital today, its Saturday for christsakes….and I want my Saturday…..soaking them in ice water is only good if you are getting chemo at the same time. So, if you tell me to tough it out, I guess I just will have too…I have been so far with this whole thing so what’s new?

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3 Responses to I’ve Been Toughing it Out, So far What’s New Bout That?

  1. Leslie Sirag says:

    Sam, call arund to local drug stores or health food stores (a big store with some health food/drugs like our Fred Meyer will be cheaper) & see who has arnica gel. (The cream will work too, but the gel’s less messy.) Best thing in the world for swelling & joint pain. only downside is that you’ll put it on, be OK, then think, wait, this stuff isn’t working–check time, it’s about 2 hours. So has to be reapplied frequently, but does work. If you can’t find it let me knw & I’ll send some–we always have a couple of tubes or jars in our cupboard!
    And get some pectin, yes, the kind you’d use to make jam, & put it in yogurt, juice, or however else you can get it down to help fingernails. It has some other positive effects too, but I can’t remember at the moment.
    Something abt heart–maybe reduces swelling or cholesterol.

    I got what I think I need to make your hat, but I’m also committed to do a wearables show (benefit for a local grup that makes raised garden beds for seniors, disabled, & po’ folks–they did ours) on Feb. 17, which is too close for comfort, so it may be close to the end of the month. But the other one should show before that.

    Hang in there–you’re being like Mother Earth, shedding old outside stuff in the winter to regrow in the spring. Love you and am so privileged to share this crazy journey.

  2. oh my, didn’t think about arnica gel, I have some. I’m going to go and get it and tryit now…thanks for the heads up and I’ll look up pectin later….thank you Leslie…

  3. Noreen says:

    I love how you deal with all of this with humor! It’s so awful, what can you do but laugh? (Except when you have to cry, of course, but that just can’t be helped sometimes.)

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