Where Were You Today 25 years Ago?

25 years ago today, January 28, 1986; I was at NASA Country Club giving a Vintage Fashion Show and there was to be a luncheon and lecture about clothing past and present. Many of the guests were astronaut wives and female employees of NASA. We had just sat down for the luncheon and the lecturer was speaking. The servers were bringing our food to each table when suddenly there started a low buzz of  talking in the room .  The news started spreading like wild fire from person to person whispering to each other like the game Gossip we played as children….then the speaker was interrupted, someone came to the podium and whispered in her ear the news was announced outloud,  the Challenger had exploded right after take off! The speaker tried to say a prayer but women were gasping, some screaming and  some started crying  and running out of the room. My friend and I just sat there wondering what to do next, we too were shocked!. We got up and went to the back room  gathering our  vintage clothing to leave. We hardly spoke among all the crying and hysterical  screaming! It was like being in a movie and in slow motion. We loaded up and started for home barley speaking to each other and listening to the car radio.  It was such an empty feeling of grief and sadness and so out of our control.  I didn’t know how to handle the feelings. It was similar to the day President Kennedy was shot and Martin Luther King. I lived in Memphis when that happened and was very young.We never opened the shop that day but went to my house and watched TV all day long  and saw the Challenger explode over and over again. The news media replayed it so many times and each time you felt this out of control emotion. I didn’t know where to put it!    This is something that I will never forget. I had never been to NASA and never been back since.

Just thought I would share that little piece of my history with you.

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2 Responses to Where Were You Today 25 years Ago?

  1. Randy says:

    Yes you did – one time when I was there we went to NASA – remember? I think Annie was with us too but it was the first time you and Jack had been there. It may have been on our first visit to Houston for your Birthday when you had just moved there …

  2. Oh, that is right, we did go to NASA….I remember now…but this was the country club, not the space center that I was at….now everyone is writing to me where they were. Very interesting stories….and it was my birthday and the first time you came to houston…wow, time has FLOWN….not just a little either…damn

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