God Grant Me the Serinity to Accept the Things I cannot Change and the Courage to Change the Things I Can

Getting ready for #3…lots of do. Taking my drugs regiment ….extra potassium,because my body seems to not make it so good the chemo depletes it and it is very important to your everyday health. Steroids, stool softener, laxative, fiber, all the nausea meds will be in my infusion so don’t have to worry about that one at the moment…regular meds that I take everyday…can’t take anything that the chemo will clash with so no vitamins or minerals unless checked my Doctors. Washing my bed clothing sheets, etc, cleaning room where cat box is, making snacks for the whole day of infusion…4.5 hours and prep time is not added to that…it is hard stuff folks..noone told me what to expect with this disease, even the physicians and health care other people because unless you have walked in another persons shoes that has had cancer, you don’t have a clue. And other people and my own unfortunate experience has given me knowledge and now, all I can do is help other people anyway I can and I know me enough to know that after this is over, I will be the biggest cheerleader for other people and for getting the cure….and by the way. I am in a clinical study at the end of this long process to get an experimental drug that is a vaccine for the HER2 cancer. To prevent it from coming back…I have hope, hope is all I have and prayer…I break down just now and cry for happiness and hope…I’m on an emotional roller coaster daily…especially when I’m on steroids…they suck what they do to you emotionally but are a good drug for infection and fluid retention..which I have to take… I AM SOOOO Grateful that I went back to MDA…they are saving my life. …along with all of you supporting me and praying for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In case i haven’t explained all my treatments…I get 6 chemo every 21 days, then surgery, then radiation to make sure the tumor is KILLED DEAD and not me!!! then for the rest of the year will be receiving a 30 minute infusion of the hercepin which is the drug that has saved thousands of woman’s lives that had the same kind of cancer that I do called her2 negative…you can look it up if you want to on google. Lots of information about it and the research that the Scientist Physician, whose names slip my chemo induced brain at the moment….which is one of the many horrific side effects of this disease. SO, I repeat myself a lot and forget appointments even after I write them down…ask me what I did when I was in high school or when I had my shop…and I can talk your ear off but now…please just know that about me and don’t get upset with me…I have enough to deal with as it is.

Mitch is going with me today to be my chemo buddy and I so thank you so much Mitch.  Appointment is at 3pm which does not mean I start in infusion then…that is just me sitting in Que for when it will be my turn.  Got my iTunes on now listening to my music therapy so very important for recovery if music is your thing.

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5 Responses to God Grant Me the Serinity to Accept the Things I cannot Change and the Courage to Change the Things I Can

  1. miz jewelz says:

    That’s her2 POSITIVE treatment! 🙂

    • Yup…for me that is, you know no two people’s treatment is alike and of course, it could change after my ultra sound which is next week or so and other testing to see how I’m responding. Lets pray that it doesn’t since I’m now tolerating it much better. On steroids today so sitll okay…tomorrow and Thursday may be a different song coming outamymouth…lolololol….I actually feel very very normal today…one day at a time…one day at a time…All my recovry stuff is coming back up to me now…good stuff

  2. Yup…did you have her2…? I am already getting it in my infusion but it alone for 30 minutes for the rest of the year until about thanksgiving 2011….did I spell that wrong or something?

  3. Perry says:

    Oi! Keep being awesome. My aunt sent this link: http://www.cleaningforareason.org/
    They are supposed to provide a once a month maid service to persons undergoing treatment. If didn’t know about it already, I hope it helps.
    My thoughts, hopes, and prayers walk with you.
    Strength to your arm (for scratching cats of course)

    • Awww…so good to hear from you Perry. Harry has not been the same without you giving him his daily belly rubs. He gets plenty from me but you were the creme in his coffee! If cats drank coffee..all that I could think of that we both could identify with. I have no hair if you have been keeping up with me on my blog and go bald more than with a wig. I wear a purple wig most of the time because I just so not a fake person and fake hair bothers me so I have to be my outrageous true self all the time. BUT, cold weather is hard on a girl that has had thick red hair all her life, sometimes brown…hahah, but its cold out there, you have no idea…oh wait you were in the military….shaved boy head…So after last night’s long chemo 5 hours with Mitch at MDA, I am half way throught this stage of my recovery. Three More to come and then surgery again, herceptin for a whole year in the form of infusions with no side effects like the chemo and then radiation. Please keep me in your prayers or thoughts, however you do it…I need all the help of positive vibes that I can get.
      Take care of yourself, have a great life and don’t lose touch….love you, Sam

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