I’m busy doing errands before my next chemo which is Jan. 10, 2011 Monday. So today has been one of those days where I run here and there. I went to  pick up some paper work that I had to renew some of my insurance and other legal things and I had to stand in a line to just ask where a certain form was.that I needed to fill out!  I remembered the nice lady that was behind the desk from the last time I was there. When it came to be my turn I walked up and she said, “Hello, I remember you from the last time you were here, you drive that funny car, but what happened to your hair? and I replied, “I have cancer, and the chemo treatment makes your  hair fall out”…she gasped and grabbed her very large breast and said, “what kind of cancer?” I said, “breast cancer” and she said, “oh my!, can I ask you some questions”,” of course,” I replied…”about cancer? Sure go ahead”…and she said, “does it hurt?”, “well, no, not necessarily,’ ” how did you know you had it?”and I told her I felt lumps under my arm pit and it was cancer in my lymph nodes. And she said, “I have two lumps in my breast and I don’t know what to do, I don’t know anyone that has cancer.” Now remember, I was in line with a lot of people in front of me and behind me and she is asking me all these questions while everyone was standing there waiting their turns, I said, “you HAVE TO GO AND GET A MAMMOGRAM….it might not be cancer, you HAVE to FIND OUT NOW”…and I thought she was going to cry which made me want to cry too….I quickly fished for my business card and said, “Look, I will help you if you call me, my name is Sam and you are?” “Angelia!”…I said “call me tomorrow when you have a break and I will tell you where to go and what to do, dont’ worry, I will help you!”. She was so scared and I’m sure she has told no one. I mentioned THE ROSE Breast Clinic and said, “you can go there for free and get a mammogram and you have to get one…there is no time to waste!” You see,  If I had on my wig, she would have never had the courage to talk to me and ask me for help. I go out all the time now in my bare head unless its freezing cold and I’m so glad I did today. I can hardly type this today because I’m crying recalling this poor woman’s plea for help from a total stranger. I just hope she calls me and if she doesn’t in a few days, I’m going to write it all down and take it back over to where she works.

Life is serendipity, you never know when you wake up in the morning how your day is going to unravel…and you never know when you can help another person with something so important.

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4 Responses to Serendipity

  1. Sudawilson says:

    You are soooo right, Sam. It was meant to be and you were exactly in the place you were suppose to be. You may just possibly be her “savior”. I hope she calls you and please let us know what happens. I hope you got her phone number. Luv ya, Cindy

  2. miz jewelz says:

    For the win, Sam! How lucky she was that you came along. Warm fuzzies to you!

    (I never wore a wig; somehow my bald head was my fist in the air)

  3. Rick Luther says:

    Way to go.

  4. Leslie Sirag says:

    And so it goes on–just as those who’ve been there before have given you info and advice, you pass it along – it’s not a fun fellowship, but it’s a pretty big & supportive one. And didn’t it make you feel good to be able to do that for someone else? And whether they find anything or not (let’s hope not!) next time she’ll be able to point someone else in the right direction –though it’s too bad that that’s mammograms–I HATE those things–but yes, I have them.
    There’s a new blood test that’s just come out that can detect even a few cancer cells in your body. What they’re hoping is that they can use that info to know what kind of cancer is developing before it really does and stop it there–nice thought, but too late for today’s patients–but then today’s treatments & esp the survival rates were only a dream when we were kids. Progress is happening, we just don’t always see it & of course it’s never fast enough.
    I am so glad you’re at Anderson, Sam!

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