Roids chatter…speading like I’m on Crack

Well, I’m jacked up on steroids….for sure, can’t even go to sleep tonight. I have to take them again tomorrow twice and will then start to come down off them and that is as bad as being on them. I have to take them to prevent fluid buildup and infection. Well, they didn’t do much good last time because I had to be hospitalized. I have learned a lot and know what to expect this time So, maybe with their help….I can prevent this. I go back tomorrow night 24 hours after my chemo stopped and get a blood booster shot so my blood count stays up instead of going to null and void like it did and put me in the hospital last month. Along with a lot of other nasty side effects..we know now what to do, pro active things.

Got to hospital at 10:45am for 11am surgery just like they said, my surgery wasn’t until after noon….its always hurry up and wait. I didn’t get into the infusion room until 4:20. When they finally had me prepped for surgery and stuck the needle in my hand I was out like a light and do not even remember waking up and going to the infusion department and I walked…I think…maybe not. But as soon as we got there, I got my chemo started. And Robin had an emergency and had to leave me there alone. It was okay, I had a great nurse attendant who really checked on me by the minute it seemed. He left me alone just the right amount of time. I ordered a chicken Cesar salad that was so bad I only took a couple of bites, looked and tasted like it had been refrigerated for days and you know what lettuce looks like a few days old already cut up into a salad…I throw those away at home just because they seem spoiled…so lucky me, I brought snacks healthy snacks from home and ate their yoplait yogurt.  Tried to watch tv but couldn’t get into it so I made a few videos on my camera and actually downloaded one on facebook and going to attempt to do one here too…hang on…lets see if it works.

Don;t know if this is going to work when I publish. Never tried this before so be patient with me.

I am going to try to go to bed and sleep. Forcing myself, maybe take one of the many drugs they give me for various alignments and side effects…no sleep is one of them damn it. I have to take another round and then withdraw from them…sucks bad.

Had a great male nurse that really took good care of me. I’m tired and goofy so I’m going to end this while I can. I turn into a chatty cathy doll on roids……good night for now.

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2 Responses to Roids chatter…speading like I’m on Crack

  1. Leslie Sirag says:

    When medical stuff is late it usually means the docs are taking whatever time is necessary with whoever’s before you–they never schedule enough time fr any but the most routine stuff. So I consider lateness positive, if annoying.
    You are looking & sounding good–hope everything’s OK with Robin & someone shows up to take you home!

  2. Yes, you are right…but sometimes it is aggravating when you need care too. We are self centered creatures when we hurt. I know they always take their time with me too. But the food…that is another story. You have to be careful what you order to eat and I went on the server’s suggestion…phew. I didn’t feel like getting food poison on top of everything else, that would have sucked. And I guess I need instructions on the video but got my video to run on fb. My friend bought chocolate covered coffee beans for me after the surgery so I could get over my caffine hang over and I think I over indulged…hahahahha….waiting to see your hat idea…I got me some hat ideas too…my next project in life….

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