Fun with Dick and Jane

Had to go and get my head shaved…it was hurting so bad…let me tell you. It felt like I had a pony tail for a week and then took it down…well you remember that pain that lasted for maybe a few minutes…this one lasted all day long. I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally got in touch with my friend and went to her salon. It hurt when she was cutting it too. And the good news is she had a wig that was exactly the same color as my real hair. I looked in the mirror and saw my Grandmother on my Daddy’s side…whoa I think I aged 10 years….I’m only going to leave this on FB for a few but here till the end….not feeling as perky as I look…I force smile for cameras…but it isn’t as bad as I thought…another f ing hassle to have to remember to wear something on my head. Because it gets cold….anyway, I got appointments all day tomorrow getting ready for the chemo on Monday…please pray for me that this time is lesser the first. It was actually worse than I imagined. I have 3 more good days to go…I will use them up right and party like a rock star….here I am…like a new-born baby.

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7 Responses to Fun with Dick and Jane

  1. Leslie Sirag says:

    Actually like the brown wig best–the red one looks wiggier/less natural.
    If it won’t look real anyway, might as well go for outrageous.
    & I’m waiting for measurements–before Mon maybe?
    Shit! Will you be in the hosp on Christmas? If yes, hope all your freinds will come & party!

    • around my head 21.5″ 14″ from nape to center front….and I hope I won’t be in the hospital again. My chemo is a very strong one, I went to MDA yesterday for all kinds of education, tests and talk with my physician. Monday I am getting a port in my chest so they can put the chemo and take blood…my arms are shot…well, one arm is the other one now has lympheda and nothing can be taken out of that arm again. Then I go and second my second round of chemo…its a mixed blessing, I hate it and I love it because it is making me get rid of the cancer.
      I just got 4 of the most adorable wigs from my oldest girlfriend that lives in Rogers, Ark. We were girls together back in Memphis…and she sent one blond one and 3 brunette ones and they are short and sassy. I think I found my wigs….I do prefer longer hair but these look so cute on my head and I can be a blond..its sorta brown with blond highlights…lololol…well…

  2. linda hardy says:

    You look fabulous no matter what is on your head! Bless your big ole’ heart Sam, doing it with a smile so you can kick it’s ass!!!!!

  3. Shelby Smith says:

    You know Tsagoi claims that there is a lot of power in bald heads! This is your chance to wear outrageous hats and wigs. I’ll be praying for you on Monday. Hope you’ve gotten in touch with Marleen.

  4. Clare Golemon says:

    It’s easy for me to say, since I’m not going through the pain and the heartache you are experiencing, but you should be proud of your bald-headed self. It’s an outward badge honor. You are in the middle of the most important battle of your life. Being bald during your treatment is like saying to the world that you are a strong, powerful, tough as nails, cancer’s ass kicking broad! (And you know I mean broad in the best possible way.) You are beautiful no matter what! Hang in there.

  5. helene says:

    You look Marvarlous, Darling! I am so proud of you, Sam. Hang in there — It will grow back so nice and new down the road … Monday isn’t here yet – so enjoy today — as I know you do, cookie monster! Love Ya, Helene

  6. Stephanie Hardwick says:

    The day Charlie shaved my head was a very hard day. I laughed and cried simultaneously. I went downstairs with a hat on and took it off to unveil my bald head to Naomi and Ginger, who were horrified and asked me to please put the hat back on. They were so little, I shouldn’t have shocked them that way. I respect your honesty and openness; I was the opposite. It was weeks before I’d let anyone outside of my house see me uncovered. You are handling this so much better than you realize, Sam. Hurricane Ike was the end of hiding for me: I said “fuck it” and began going around bald whenever I felt like being bald. No more hiding. That wonderful, scary storm washed all of the bullshit away, including the cancer, which has been gone ever since.

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