HELP HELP….I can’t sleep because I hurt, My HAIR HURTS SO BAD. I’m not kidding here, !!! Ladies, you know how it hurts when you put your hair up in a pony tail on top of your head and wear it all day and take it down at night? Well, this is the constant pain I am in at the present moment, something I’ve only experienced for a few seconds at a time because the pony tail pain goes away if you rub your head and let you hair relax….I can’t touch my head and I can’t lay down on my pillow to sleep. I have on a pink bathrobe that has fur on it, on my shoulders…the rest of my hair is falling out by the second. I had such thick hair, strangers use to come up to me and say “your hair is so thick and beautiful” “is your hair a wig?, it’s so perfect!” ALL MY LIFE people have commented on my hair so I have had a love affair with my hair and the attention that I’ve gotten from it….and now…I HATE IT. No position in bed allowed me anything less than excruciating pain, sitting up, laying down, laying on my arms….so you know what this means!? Off it goes today….bald bald bald bald…I HATE FUCKING CANCER… is stripping me of my whole being…at least its trying too. I was never in pain till I started the chemo…oh my…cry for me…this is horrible and I can’t take any aspirin, Tylenol, advil…becase they are blood thinners and I’m going into surgery Monday for my port placement. I was ADVISED NOT TOO….so if anyone out there has had this happen and knows how to stop this pain…will it go away if I shave my head? I don’t know, it’s too early to call anyone else and ask them…YEs, it is hurting as I type this….why why why…does it have to hurt, I cut it off to 2″ all the way around my head…damn it. Just found a temporary fix., hang on……Thank you GOD…for your miracle cure you grew in the ground.  Pain has subsided…Thank you GOD… The pain was so intense…I’m going to try and go back to sleep..

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  1. Leslie Sirag says:

    Glad you found something to help. When your head can be touched again, try (not a joke) Bag Balm. It was invented to make cows’ udders less painful for milking, is used by a lot of nursing moms in that especially sensitive area, and would probably work well. Also ice might help, but you’d have to be able to stand having it on your head. You’re probably feeling all your little hair follicles opening & spitting out hair — yech! And Bag Balm or ice should help them to calm down & close up again.
    One of the worst things about cancer seems to be that the treatment can hurt more than the disease itself–just don’t forget that all this pain is your body fighting off an alien invader. Yell, scream, and cry all you want–just don’t quit fighting.

  2. miz jewelz says:

    Aw hon… I was so dreading this day for you!

    Shave it off. That will help. (I’d buzzed mine when it started falling out and then, when that incredibly weird sensation of hair pain really kicked in, I was at a remote cabin near Lake Tahoe and all I could figure out to do was use duct tape to help it along.)

  3. Noreen says:

    This is so hard! Hang in there….it gets easier, and your hair will grow back. I was surprised by how hard loosing my hair was, it must be doubly so for you with your beautiful hair!

    Good luck with your port! I love mine!

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