Lost My Big Girl Panties Under My Bed for a Moment

Went this morning to get the hair cut. My hair is falling out if you just touch it. I wish I had shaved it off all the way now. I leave a trail everywhere I go!! My old friend Robyn cut my pony tail off and put it in a plastic bag so I could send it away to locks of love for the babies. A little red headed baby…awwwww…..so…I may get Robyn to shave me soon. I’m ready…really. It hurt cutting my hair off…yes, don’t tell me it didn’t!! HAHAHA….no really, I’m kidding…just my vanity and my pride. But I’m totally over it. I went to lunch with Lace and then off to Target’ to shop…shopping thepary and I didn’t want to go to a thrift store. I needed new hats. And I bought 3 which I will model for you later…Tomorrow starts the appointments all over again at MD Anderson till Monday a long day with port placement and chemo all rolled into one happy day. The only thing happy about it is I’m on #2 with 3 more to go! Getting sick again is not any damn fun. I shall just deal with it better this time. Whatever it is all I want to do is get well and get on down the road to my new and better improved life. Next new makeover is glasses. I got some new glasses…just waiting for them lenses….


Sam with new Do

So, I got on my big girl panties, found them lost temporarily on the floor under my bed and I’m dealing with it. I want it all off….who am I to act like millions of women haven’t gone through this? I’m nobody special. I want to wear my bald head as a symbol of courage, because today, that is what I got COURAGE!


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8 Responses to Lost My Big Girl Panties Under My Bed for a Moment

  1. linda hardy says:

    You look exactly the same. Beautiful!

  2. Ivy Green says:

    It looks marvelous, Sam!!! Just think how beautiful the new hair will be when it grows out!! I’m proud of you, my friend, and I really appreciate you having the courage to give us a detailed trip thru your experience because you never know which of us may go thru the same thing in the futute! Much love and support!! Love you!!!!

    • Thanks Ivy….yes, in one million years you could have never convinced me that I would get sick like this….damn girl..it sucks…and I pray that noone else ever gets cancer anywhere…walk for the cure, run, scream, dance whatever it takes to raise money to find the cure…..

  3. Stephanie Hardwick says:

    Hi Sam,
    You are a champion! You are doing everything right…in true SAM style! We each have our own path to walk when we get the big C diagnosis, and I admire you so much for your courage and honesty. I pray for you every day, and though I haven’t been in touch as much as I should, I still think about you constantly. Keep writing about this…it is so important in your healing!
    Love you!!!

    • Thats ok Steph, I know you are with me in spirit….the day I saw you last year with your pump on and your bald head, I was shocked and felt so bad for you…in fact, I didnt’ know what to say. I do now. You too were a beautiful then and now…and I still think of you and Charlie as some of my best friends…just on temporary hold till we meet again…hahahaha…love you Honey.

  4. Randy Keith says:

    Lordy girl, I hope you washed those skanky panties B4 you put them back on. And my little pumpkin, you ARE special. XXOO’s

  5. Leslie Sirag says:

    Nobody special, hell! You are VERY special & I feel privileged to call you friend.

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