I can testify that cancer and chemo ain’t for sissies…the side effects are just knocking me up and down like a yoyo…one minute I feel sorta okay then the next, I’m freaking out with nausea and joint pain and muscle pain. Everything tastes like chalk. Everything…it is depressing as hell….They said you might get hot or cold flashes…I’ve been so cold today and it comes and goes too. Vioden, Tylenol, smokie, how can a person get though this? I feel like my throat is closing up, I have ulcers in my mouth and using Gly Oxide to rinse my mouth out. I can’t even use my cinnamon toothpaste, it burns the lining of my mouth. Bitch bitch bitch….I hate complaining but I feel so bad. If it weren’t for my roommate, I would be in worse shape than I’m in now. I can’t do stuff for myself…I guess I could if no one was here and I will be alone all day tomorrow. I’m going to try and sleep it off unless a miracle is performed and I feel like myself. I have things to do. I put a request for a used or loaner DVD on face book earlier because I’m so bored I could scream and of course, I have netflix but movies would be good too. I just want to lay in my bed and cry…can’t afford Cable tv..just got the black box…and there is NOTHING on it….Just thought I would ask, if anyone has one they could loan me for a few months…amd hook it up too. …am  I asking too much?

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One Response to Chemo-Sissies

  1. Leslie Sirag says:

    You are not asking too much.
    Ask your doc to prescribe “magic mouthwash”. It’s pink & has 3 ingredients (I think one is smething like pepto-bisml) — a little chalky, but just the thing for bites, burns, mouth ulcers. You can swish & spit or swish & swallow–works either way.
    When is this rund of chemoo over & how much break do you get before the next?
    Hope my pkg arrives & make syou smile this week.
    Saw pics of you at first Sat mkt–you are amazing! As my firend Deedee would say, “walk strong, Sister Friend.”

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