Will These Chickens Fall Off?

Had an ultra sound today with 4 breast biopsies…wow…that was pretty uncomfortable and I’m bruised up quite a bit and sore. Tylenol and ice packs tonight. They are looking for the tumor and have not been successful so far. Saw two lymph nodes that were tested in my room and they were benign. The other one has to be sent to the lab and will know on that one in a couple of days. The fourth one was so deep they could not reach it.  These were 3 women physicians trying to get what they saw on the screen. I have dense breasts and have always been tender when pushed on and the instruments they use really hurt me even though they make my breast numb, it’s the pressure I can’t take and the digging and when they tag the spots with little tiny pieces of metal. Tomorrow, I get yet another pet scan and electrocardiogram to check my heart and see if I can take the chemo because the side effect of this chemo is congestive heart failure…nice…hmmmmmmmmmm….died from heart attack instead of cancer…not my choice thank you. MD Anderson tries to make having cancer not so bad on people, everyone is nice and in good spirits and the environment is soothing. I’m glad I’m going here and they have the big guns for what I need. Your depressed because you are sick…well, shall I say, I’m depressed…and its hard to be in a bad mood there because there is so much always going on. They offer free yoga which I plan on getting involved in since I do love yoga….I will say, the parking is a bitch…$15.00 for valet and $12.00 for self pay. I cannot keep paying this…its just too much…something has to happen. I still have many more tests to do and the least one I want to do is the MRI. I will have to take a Valium because I’m very claustrophobic. That is on Tuesday. And even thought this is hard, it is very hard, I have to do it to find the tumor. I’m not sure what is going to happen if we don’t find the little devil….it must be destroyed.

Driving my art car to MDA is funny. The parking attendants are all amused at my car. One woman was going to drive my car to park and I asked her if she could drive a stick and she said, What I’m worried about is these chickens falling off…are they going to roll off? I laughed so hard and said, well, they stayed on the whole time I drove from my house…she was scared to drive my car…I said, get used to me, cause I’m going to be here a lot. I’m tired, i must go to bed and get up for the pet scan in the morning. EARLY…can’t eat anything or even drink my coffee. I’m not going to be a happy girl tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Will These Chickens Fall Off?

  1. linda hardy says:

    Great story Sam, it’s good to embrace the humor where it you find it! You’re getting there, everything sounds like it’s headed in the right direction, finally.

  2. Debi Wallace says:

    Chickens falling off! I am laughing so hard & have tears going down my face. Chicken & eggs will be gone soon.

  3. Leslie Sirag says:

    Sam, ask about parking vouchers! You’re going to need somene to drive you for the MRI, should have had someome today with all that poking & pain! Know what you mean abt the pressure thing–I was talking to tech at my last mammogram & cncluded it may be a fibromyalgia thing — can’t handle most massage either. Also check with the Medicaid folks–they may be able to come up with some transportation $. Too much to do, too much to think about–maybe a friend can do some info checking for you, since you have to have the actual tests yourself (too bad–wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use a stand-in?)
    Your chicken car is turning out to be entertaining–a good thing.
    It sounds as thugh Anderson may be on board with combined palliative care and aggressive treatment — but can’t they give you something stronger than tylenol? And WHY do they have to do tests requiring no coffee in the am?
    Last time I had one scheduled I talked to my doc & she said have the coffee, but no milk, wait I think 8 hrs without eating, come for test at 4. No rule says fasting tests must be done at 8am!!

  4. miz jewelz says:

    Hey chica… do you have a patient advocate or other resource at Anderson that you would feel comfortable asking about parking vouchers? Who is your oncologist?

    • Already talked to social worker…no such luck…only time I will get free parking is when I go to radiology…IO just finished a new post…today is Betties closing on her wonderful new house in Da Hood….I must call her…

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