November 1, 2010 dia de Los Muertos

Thanks for all the support on the nasty comment persons….Sticks and Stones can hurt my bones but words can never harm me.  But they do…makes me feel not so good, makes me doubt myself which is exactly what the perpetrator meant to do….but I’m a bouncer, I bounce back, it only hurts for a while and I always consider the source. So…WHATEVER!!!! I have forgiven, but never forget.

This past weekend of frivolity was just that frivolity!! I got to dress  a couple of people up in costume, nothing like the old Wear It Again Sam days but had a great time at the Halloween parties that I went too. Last night, however, sat in the front yard of a friend’s house and waited for treat or treaters…and there were less than maybe 10 children all night…how sad that the world has come to this. I have such fond memories of Halloween as a child. We went from house to house all over the neighborhood and our neighbors always made us come inside and gave us candy, cookies, carmel apples and everyone in the house always fussed over how we looked, if we were scary witches  or pretty little princesses…and our Mother’s didn’t go with us…that would have been so not cool…they didn’t have to go with us because the child killers and perverts just weren’t around back then like today. And nobody put “drugs” in our candy or molested us at the front door. It was a happy time and so much fun….My Mother always helped with making our costumes, we never went to the store and bought costumes, maybe a mask. So this is where I got my love and start in costuming. From my Mother, she always said, that noone will look like us in our homemade costumes. And she was right..once, she dressed me up for a church Halloween party, braided my hair all over my head, took soot from the hot water tank and blacked my face and sent me to church for a party when I was about 10 years old. Oh yes, I was turned into a black child and thought I looked fantastic…the church ladies made me sit in a room alone till my Mother was called and she had to come and get me. Then she took me trick or treating herself. They said it was “inappropriate” living and growing up in the deep South….  We didn’t understand but Mama didn’t think a thing about it. I was in costume and I didn’t look a thing like myself.  Just had to share a Halloween memory with you all.   Then there was the year I had the mumps…remember when your jaw swelled up and hurt like the dickens? I had the mumps and couldn’t go out  in my costume that I had made myself…a flapper girl, I was so cute in red satin with my fringe all over the bottom hem and my long beads that belonged to my Granny! It all started with a feather that I found..which promptly was placed in my headband that was tied onto my head and had the feateher stuck in the side…I was so cute, I thought!!!…I cried and cried and it made my jaws hurt worse….I gave it to all my siblings and a few tricker treaters cause I got up and gave away candy at the front door…spreading my disease….wish I could give this one away too….my disease…damn it.

Halloween PARty

We were Sugar Skulls, dia de Los Muertos and my blond friend was Ms Lori Tabs!!!

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4 Responses to November 1, 2010 dia de Los Muertos

  1. Amie says:

    Pathetic comments from pathetic people. Life is short-fuck ’em.

  2. Paul McRae says:

    You should have been at my place, there were munchkins galore. We had to turn a bunch away after the candy ran out.

  3. Leslie Sirag says:

    So glad yu’re getting a 2nd opinion!
    And that you’re not lettng the nasties get you down.
    We got quite a few teen trick or treaters his year–were handing out cheese blocks–with diabetes & ADHD i our fam I wish people wouldn’t give my kids cndy so I try for alternatives.Surprisingly, the teen made positive commetns on the cheese!

  4. Noreen says:

    Glad you are hanging in there! You can beat this….and as you know, you need to do it your own way. It’s okay that others don’t understand the journey you are on.

    Hope you find an oncologist that you like as much as I like my doctor. You’re in my prayers.

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