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I’m a Cookie Monster for a Few Days!!!

Day after my first chemo: Woke up pretty shaky and a little nauseated.  I can definitely feel the chemicals sitting in my body. I am drinking lots of green tea, water and eating cookies for the nausea…nice…cookies..cookie monster is what … Continue reading

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Wigs vs Bald? Which Shall it Be Today? Vomit vs Constipation? Hmmmmmmm

Go to bed at 9:30pm then wake up at 2:30am and think you have slept a whole night is pretty bad. It’s hard on your body, not to mention your brain function. But I finally rolled out a couple of … Continue reading

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What an Ultra Sound Biopsy Looks Like

This is my breast healing. Site of first biopsies…had 5 different punctures. Second one is to close to show you, yes, it’s sore and pretty ugly.

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This one Takes the Cake

Thanksgiving and boy do I have a lot to be thankful for this year as I face one of the hardest things I’ve ever encountered in my life’s journey. I thought losing my husband and the 8 years of care … Continue reading

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Happy Days Are Here Again, Well at Least For Now Today and Today is ALL I Got

YEs, they are….back to MDA this morning for my first appointment bright and early at 9 am and went to radiologists Oncologist…can you believe I can spell that without using spell check? !! HAHAH…A..ha…and this beautiful white-haired woman came in … Continue reading

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Will These Chickens Fall Off?

Had an ultra sound today with 4 breast biopsies…wow…that was pretty uncomfortable and I’m bruised up quite a bit and sore. Tylenol and ice packs tonight. They are looking for the tumor and have not been successful so far. Saw … Continue reading

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Is Bald Really Beautiful? Me Think Not!

Went to MD Anderson yesterday and started yet another journey. I must say, I’m impressed with MD Anderson. And NOW they are addressing my first attempt in getting treatment there. If I had gone there in the first place, I … Continue reading

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