God Don’t Like UGLY…………

I decided to publish and approve the latest comment on this blog for everyone to see. I now feel this is part of my journey through this disease. This is NOT the first attack that I’ve gotten and I’m pretty sure I KNOW who it is. Friends of mine also will know who they are. I’m leaving this post and any others to let everyone see the kind of people they are. I know the truth and anything that THEY say does not take away the validity of my experiences.

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One Response to God Don’t Like UGLY…………

  1. P.A. Mueller says:

    Oh, baby girl. God doesn’t like ugly…but HE loves you! Your truth…your journey…is yours no matter what ugly folk may say. Personal belief is that the more powerful the positive energy(you) the more the negative will attack in an attempt to lessen the light. Shine on, Sam. Shine on!!!!!

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