Tricks or Treats MD Anderson, Here I come….

Well, since I am not in total agreement with my Doctors, i am seeking a second opinion and you will never guess where I’m going, yes, MD Anderson. And I have friends in high places got helped get some of the red tape cut and I have an appointment next week. I have missing primary tumor which is only a 5% of the breast cancer women have this, it is considered rare and I want some more tests and another set or two eyes looking at me and all my pathology reports and tests.

I think I feel more comfortable going there now where they have the big guns and can get more tests.  I have to get some of my scans and tests from St.Joseph’s but I’m going to do it so I can feel like everything has been gone through in my body. I certainly want to get on with this…seems like its been going on forever and I’m pretty tired of the whole thing. My attention span has waned and I want this to stop. Stop Stop Stop…I can’t wait till my friends get back from Virginia so we can all head to the woods again…I need some RnR fast…nature…

But going out for Halloween to a party tomorrow night…I will post my picture on here in my costume the next couple days after I recover from the evening. looking forward to another fun weekend. I am no letting this make me not have my normal life. In fact, I’m partying a little harder than I normally would. Throwing my cookies to the wind….what will be will be….all that stuff. Party like a Rock Star! I will party till I can’t stand anymore or until the cows come home. I love being around my friends new and old….makes me feel warm and cozy.

Happy Halloween everyone…don’t eat unwrapped candy!!!

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9 Responses to Tricks or Treats MD Anderson, Here I come….

  1. Ivy Green says:

    I definitely support another opinion! Glad you’re partying and having fun! I’ve missed your blog this month because of long work hours at the corn maze! Two more days and it will be over! Whoo hoo!!!! Have a happy and safe Halloween! Looking forward to the pics!!!!

  2. Sam says:

    Why do you continue to lie about having cancer. Have you not read your own blog? There is no fucking way any nurse would give you bio hazardous materials in a parking lot. Now you are bitching about a free car. When you die this world will be so much cleaner. Make sure to cry a lot and tell everyone how Sam VanBibber is treating you like the shit your are. If you cry hard and loud enough maybe you can get your “friends” to give you more free stuff. You have come to the end of your miserable existence and have realized you have to rely on the kindness of strangers and do not have a pot to piss in, poor pitiful you. I hear state burials are super plain just like you.

  3. Pam Olson says:

    I’ve never seen this kind of ugly behavior: re: “Sam” posting 10/30 at 4:04. I’m amazed. And saddened. And disappointed that it could happen.

    And isn’t it frightening to think there are people out in the world this cruel?

    Good for the real Sam for posting this.

  4. Barbara Cochran says:

    I am so glad you are obtaining a second opinion. At least another specialist will be reviewing the tests you have had completed and may see something that others have overlooked. Take care my friend and party on!!

  5. anne carillo says:

    Sam: What kind of psychopath would spew out this demonic shit? Isn’t it a felony to harrass someone with this kind of trash?
    Anne Carillo

  6. Myrna says:

    What a sick and hateful loser! I just can’t believe someone would do or say such things! There is a special place in Hell for them, rest assured Sam! Love you!

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