My Platforms in my Undies….

No matter what happenes tomorrow, I just want you to know that I’m going to be okay. I will not let this crap take me down. I have wayyyy tooo much to do and accomplish for the rest of my life. This is just a minor set back..and I mean minor…I will not give anymore power to this damn fucking cancer thing. It needs to move on down the road and just fade away.

I would be lying to you if I said, I wasn’t in a mood tonight. Lots of crying, reminising , wondering, planning, dreaming, praying, wearing my platform high heels with my undies on…just had to say that to give you a visual and walking all over my house…I will do damn well as I please and nobody can stop me.  Men can get away from wearing their boxer shorts in mixed company…so why can’t women? HUH…yes, I have jumped off my rocker a bit tonight but I’m doing just fine. I cry a little and then laugh a little and its okay. I will be saying my prayers in my bed this evening and I would appreciate it if you would say a little one for me tonight too. And one for my friend Dewayne that is far away from home tonight fighting a battle to get his children. He deserves them and needs them too and they need their PaPa. ANd my lovely friend Robin with her little daughter, her baby she has taken care of for 19 years of her life. What a brave and wonderful person Robin is to take care of a child that has never had a chance at life. I admire her greatly. There are so many of us out there that need prayers…maybe we can say a huge prayer for everyone at the same time….GOD PLEASE BLESS ALL OF US. And Thy will be done.

There…and Ahem.

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7 Responses to My Platforms in my Undies….

  1. Debi Wallace says:

    Extra prayers for you tonight. I will check on you tom. Keep your big panties on!
    Love you,

  2. thank you ms deborah…i feel like I’m drunk…but I ahven’t had a thing to drink…scared out of my ass I guess…love you too honey and its big girl panties…and I have mine on now with my high heels…prancing around like a pin up girl….

  3. Dawn Gaston says:

    Are these said Platforms and Undies LEOPARD?? Don’t forget to SING at the top of you Lungs into your HAIRBRUSH while prancing around in you HIGH HEELS and Undies. This will always make you FEEL BETTER!! Forget tomorrow for a few minutes and LIVE in the MOMENT!! YOU GO GIRL!! LOVE YA and PRAYING FOR YOU!

    • actuall I had to look down..and yes, they are..leopard…hahahahah…I forgot. I feel punch drunk…cried so much tonight…just feeling sorry for myself and scared out of my ass…GIRL….thank you for your support…I need every little bit I can muster up…you have proven to be a GREAT A+ number 1 friend…I do love you and Richard too…

  4. Leslie Sirag says:

    Sam, we spent Sat eve at a bday party for a friend who had cancer in 2003, itwas in remission, came back, he’s “supposed” to be dead by now, but he looked a lot better than the last time we saw him, was playing guitar & singing & enjoying all the NY deli goodie his bros & sister brought. He’s thin & his hair is short, but otherwise he seems to be petty much himself. His wife says he has bad days after the chemo, but he’s even back at work some of the time. I can’t say he’s totally “cured”, but he’s sure managed to dodge the bullet for now, and is continuing to enjoy his life, which is positive. Hope this story provides some encouragement as you walk the treatment trail.

  5. Randy Keith says:

    Hi Honey – just got home & was scared it was too late to call (11:45). I do pray for you daily, but I know that you are going to be just fine. You can’t keep a woman who prances around in leopard platforms wearing big girl panties down!! Good luck tomorrow – I’ll be thinking about you. Love the chicken car. Save all the eggs she lays & we’ll devil them for Thanksgiving!! XXOO’s

  6. Brenda T. says:

    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
    Devotion to the mystic law of cause and effect through sound.
    Chanting for all the Buddhas out there tonight and every night.
    Light the path. Here we are. Here we are. Light the path.

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