The Chicken Car and Shaking and Groovin

Well, lucky me….I got a brand new old car this past weekend thanks to the community that I’m involved with…the Art Car folks. And I got somebody’s project…I will post pictures of her later…I’m so nostalgic, I’ve had the leopardmobile for 5 years, patched her up, put lots of re threads on her, and she has taken me many places and been there for me most of the time except when some of her parts didn’t work so good!…Her front undercarriage is wired up to the bumper with jewelers wire, side mirror is glued on with gorilla glue and duck tape as well as much duck taped underneath the hood/motor…and I gave her a new finish last spring for the art car party week.I really hate giving her up but she has no shocks, frame is bent, all fluids just leak and run out of her…but still runs and gets me where I needed to be. Toyotas are hard work horses…I spent a long time yesterday getting my new art car all legal and up and running. As soon as I can, I will change the new car to be my art, my personality, …but I will drive it all around Houston making people stare and laugh…art cars make driving fun and make people happy….I’m more of a cat girl than a chicken girl and that is what my new car is…covered in chickens…yes, its hysterical…..

Went to get the car legal and…went to park my car at the lot across the street and quickly found out that I did not want to pay the $15.00 parking fee because I didn’t have any cash on me…only took cash, no debit cards and I also thought it was highway robbery to charge that much!!!!…assholes…and I looked at all the cars in the lot..a Huge amount of money sitting there, use to be affordable like $5.00 to park there!!!!…and I got back in my car and started driving…I saw a metered slot available…jumped out and walked up to see how much it was going to cost …a man in a car parked in one of the slots…started honking his horn and waving something out of his window…and I said, “are you talking to me?”, I walked up to the driver’s side and he said, “I just paid $6.00 for all day and I don’t need this now if you want it!!”…I said,” oh my!! thanks so much!!”…I just put it in my windshield and walked 5 blocks to Preston and Main to start the registration process Two weeks ago…I was at St.Jospeh’s hospital going for one of my many appointments and walked up to a metered slot with a woman standing there with a child and she was distressed because she didn’t know how to use the machine, and I said, watch me….and when it came to the part for money, I inserted mine and she said her baby was sick..and she was and she didn’t have any money for the meter, and was truly distressed…I handed her my ticket and then paid again for myself. She then walked her child into the emergency room and I wondered why is there only one place to park for the emergency room anyway that charges people in their time of need?  The universe paid me back fast, today…when I needed it too…some stranger was there for me…this gives me so much hope. I forget how this whole thing works sometime and I constantly get slapped in the face every so gently….
So, life does happen and we get paid back sometimes pretty fast….I still have hope…hope that this whole thing just goes as quickly and smoothly as the parking event was. I need to look around me everywhere to see the little miracles…I will be okay in the just can’t come fast enough for me…always been impatient person. Wants things now, today, right this minute…always been on the fast track. I have more energy than people half my age,  and this disease or condition that I have is making me slow down now a little and I don’t particularly like it. I’ve always been a mover and a shaker in every aspect of my life. I never have sat and watched life go by, not me I’m in the middle of everything. It’s what makes me who I am. My batteries are always charging me up for the next event. A friend told me last night that I am always doing something, my life is exciting to watch…wow… I always seem to need stimulation and I make it happen. This is what she told me…Is this good or is it bad? NAH..its just me. So I plan on grooving and shaking my ass all the way through this fucking thing.  I started last week on Thursday dancing at Disco Green, then went to art opening and two clubs and danced there and then got up and went to brunch with a group of my friends and then went out again  on Sunday afternoon to a blues club. My favorite thing to do is listen and groove to live music. It feed my soul and my heart. I am going to give the cancer a run, it’s never seen anything like me…I’m going to dance and walk and run all the way through this damn chemo thing.  It will not get me down anymore. I just won’t allow it. I’m kicking the shit out of cancer. You may have to remind me every-once in a while of what I said here but it is not going to get me….I may have some sad days or scary days but my spirit is strong, I just forget for a moment or two.


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One Response to The Chicken Car and Shaking and Groovin

  1. Randy Keith says:

    Morning Sam. Glad YOU are back. Everything will be fine now. I guess there’s a lot to be said for a chicken car – it made me cackle. Have a fabulous day! Love you !!

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