The Gory Stuff don’t read If you have a Weak Stomach.

So here is the gory details of the surgery….they removed all my lymph nodes under my left arm, and a mass that had my nerves embedded inside of it. NOT the tumor, it is still missing. My physician was hoping that the tumor would also be in my breast tissue so the mystery would be over. I am referred to as a  “weird case” and a “text-book case”! Isn’t that special…my MaMa always called me special..lolololol…but this time, it’s not so good. My arm is swollen up so large that my skin hurts and I take my Norco…and x strength Tylenol and it feels like my skin is popping open and bugs are crawling inside of me…I’m assuming my nerves are trying to reposition themselves and it   feels like a giant roach is running down the inside of my arm, gross description I know but I want you to know how it feels……and it hurts and burns.. And do you know the first thing yo do when yo wake up in the morning? You stretch your arms up and now, and it feels like my arm is ripping open and then that starts the whole pain thing  reacting… it hurts like holy hell! And I have to pop yet another pain pill…I hate pain pills they make me dizzy, nutty and goofy…not in control of my emotions at all. I cry a lot just for no reason. And then starts all my nerves to start reacting. I have a nasty drip bag hanging from my incision which I have to clean and measure and record for my next office visit. The last thing I remember was trying to take the oxygen mask off my face because I felt like I was suffocating until I came to in my room and threw up on one of my friends.  Not pretty but I could not help it…it just happened..we are forever bonded now!! She loves me and forgave me immediately…lolololol….I was told I was sitting up in recovery talking and waving and smiling and then I would cry…I have no recollection of about 5 hours of my  life.  I do know that I was taken care of and my surgical team was very attentive to me because they came into my room a lot after I got out of surgery checking on me.

I went to lunch today and maybe will go to my brunch group tomorrow if someone will pick me up, not feeling ,just like driving just yet…. I am determined to get back into life and not let this get me down. The invader has been taken out of my body at this point and if anymore is hiding…its gonna be boosted out soon too.  As far as I know now, my chemo will be after my incisions heals and my immune system is back working in full swing.  The whole thing is just a wait and see….so, we will chat later….good afternoon and enjoy the no humidity and cool temperatures…this is what WE all LOVE about HOUSTON…this time of year. Life is good, just got a couple of road blocks to get over.

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7 Responses to The Gory Stuff don’t read If you have a Weak Stomach.

  1. Sherry McKnight says:

    Love you girl!!!

  2. Stephanie Hardwick says:

    Sorry to hear you are in pain, but it’s encouraging to see that you are in good spirits about it all! They found no tumor? You are such a mysterious woman! Well, meditate on it and send the cancer away. Then, when the chemo begins, meditate on the medicine as it destroys the cancer cells and helps you maintain your overall health. I did that every night. I would visualize the chemo destroying my cancer, flushing it out of my body, dead and gone forever! So far 2.5 years later, it’s still working! No chemo since July, 2008, and I feel like I’m 25 again! Love to you, beautiful lady. You are in my prayers every day.

    • Yeah, no tumor and I have been meditating getting it out of me. ANd I only hurt a bit. My arm dosent’ look like it belong on my body and when it is really swollen, it does hurt. I’m tired but in good spirits…thanks Steph,

      • Leslie Sirag says:

        I’m wondering if maybe the mass around your neves was the actual problem. Be nice if that turned out to be the case. I used to come out of aesthesia vomiting and with te grandaddy of all migraines, but it turns out that if you tell them first the anesthesiologit can add something to keep that from happening. You maight try an ice pack on your arm unless you’ve been told not to.
        Your spirit seems to have come through this wonderflly–thanks to all those who are there to help & cheer & cover for those of us far away.

  3. Ivy Green says:

    Whoo hoo! You’re on the road to revovery!!!

  4. Robin Kirby says:

    Love you sweetie 😉 you will beat this! big love~RK

  5. Jewelz Cody says:

    Hugs, girl!

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