It’s ShowTime….

Well, its showdown time…and tomorrow morning I will be in St.Joseph’s hospital for my surgery. Getting a lumpectomy of the lymph nodes and hope and pray they find the tumor. I will be in there overnight and go home on Thursday sometime. I have my army of friends that are coming in shifts to get me there, be there when I wake up, stay overnight and then pick me up and take me home. I am a lucky woman to have so many friends…they are my homemade family!

I had a talk with Mr.Cancer and he is getting evicted out of my body tomorrow morning. I’m sick to death of him…not invited and not a guest that is welcomed at all. I know this may sound corny but this is the only way I can deal with this.

After my tumor has gone to the lab, my c will be staged and then we, me and Dr.W. will know what to do next. I am his weirdest patient and that makes me smile. He is a smiley too, smiling eyes…wait till you meet him.  And if you haven’t read the last post you won’t know what I’m talking about right now.

I have to pack my overnight, make my bed and take an antiseptic shower tonight and again tomorrow morning…they want this girls body CLEAN…and that makes me happy, no staph infection for me….cause that scares the shit out of me. I had to deal with my husband getting a staph not once but twice…it ain’t pretty.  And it can kill you just as fast as the other stuff….so please keep it clean.

I’m jabbering now cause I’m a little nervous…when I stop typing this makes it closer to tomorrow….I had rather stick a rusty nail in my eye than have cancer…..fuck it I said it…

Pray, meditate, send me light and love or whatever you can do to make this good for me.  I will check back with you when I am feeling up to chatting and if anyone wants to come see me…you know I love company……Good Night my Lovelies………Sam

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6 Responses to It’s ShowTime….

  1. Stephanie Hardwick says:

    Hi Sam
    Funny, of all people, I should have the proper words to say to you right now. Such a flood of memories comes over me, and I feel paralyzed. Oddly enough, I never felt paralyzed when dealing with my own cancer. The most important lesson cancer taught me actually sounds rather trite when I write it: there is never a wrong time to let someone know that you love her. And I do love you, Sam. I feel rather guilty that I haven’t been by your side lately. I should be. You are a special, wonderful, honest, brave, and fabulous woman, and you are inspiring others while touching their hearts with your story.
    Keep your positive attitude, your sense of humor, and enjoy those pain meds (hell, since you have to take them, you might as well enjoy it!). Eat lots of yogurt, though…they’ll mess up your tummy if you don’t have your yogurt!
    I’m praying praying praying for your swift recovery from all of this.

    • Steph…that was the sweetest note that I ever got from anyone….Yes mam…I feel the same way about you and about Charlie too…I just love both of you all to pieces…and wish that we could spend more time matter how far away you are from some people, you still love them…I am going to bed now if i can sleep. I’ve done my antesphic wash and clean sheets…my friend Lacy bought me brand new sheets for my bed 500 thread count….the hospital makes sure you come clean I guess. I have never had planned surgery…always emergency….You were the first person that I thought of when I found out I too had been given the bad news….we get in that fucking club that noone wants to be a member of.
      Okay…I could write to you for hours…love love love you….here is my number in case you don’t have it…832 748 2470…..sam

  2. Rick Luther says:

    Good night and good luck.

  3. Ivy Green says:

    Hey precious girl! I know you’re in bed by now and I hope you are able to rest and relax on your new sheets. I will be thinking about you for sure tomorrow and sending love and prayers your way! I’m so sorry you are going through this ordeal but I know you will come out the other side stronger than ever! I knew you would have a load of friends, ready to help you and be with you! Wish I could be there too! Know that you are loved and please let us hear from you when you feel up to it!

  4. Myrna Sanders says:

    It’s all gonna be alright Sam! Let me know if you need help. I can come help you out after I return from my Austin gigs! Luv ya.

  5. Angela Obenhaus says:

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers! Now go kick some ass! Much love sent your way…Angela

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