Good News

So, I spent most of the afternoon at my physician’s office and the hospital today checking in and getting my blood work done. And I have a plan now and a surgery date…..Wednesday Sept. 22, 2010…yuppie….You could have never in a million years told me I would have been a happy camper to have surgery! I’m going to get this shit out of me finally. Next Week…..

and the good news is…I have a strange body which has made my case as my physician put it “weird”. It seems that my breast grown far back under my arms, not the normal tear drop shape that goes up the breast. Since there is no tumor or one that is so tiny it cannot be spotted, he is thinking it is under my arm in with the lymph nodes because there needs to be a tumor in order for the cancer to grow and shoot out to the lymph nodes.  I am getting a partial mastectomy where they only remove the lymph nodes. I will lose some breast tissue but basically the breast will remain. The percentage that the tumor will grow is 7-10% and the worse that can happen is that in my bi yearly checkup of a mammogram I will have to have the rest of my breast removed but the percentage is low and I will not like having to go through chemo again, but its a chance that I will take. I’ve always been a risk taker….lI cannot tell you how good I feel at this present moment! The relief to just know that this green dodo is coming out of me is just pure joy. And yes, I know I’ve just begun this process and I have a long road to walk down in the next year. I still have to find an oncologist for the chemo and radiation that will accept Medicaid. But that is not this week…Thank you God, Thank You all My Friends and my Family…my brother, Tim, and my Sister Mary and my other brother Terry…haven’t heard from you Steve….but its okay. I have so many friends I’m so blessed, I feel blessed to just be alive tonight as I write this to you all.  I may be crying next week but right now, I have some relief just knowing that I’m going to be okay and God willing this will run smoothly. I am going in early and spending one night and home the next day! This is when I will need some help with some things and you ladies and gents that offered to do things for me, I may be calling.

I was told that the waiting is the worse part of this whole damn cancer thing. And I love my Surgeon….he made me feel really comfortable today in his office. And he came with good referral from my friend Cindy. He performed the same type of surgery on her. One of our Club members.

Today, tonight, I’m a very HAPPY WOMAN….thanks to all of you that have supported me. It’s not over yet but I’m much closer today than I was yesterday.


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2 Responses to Good News

  1. Ann Rodgers says:

    That’s amazing Sam!!! I hope this just all goes away after your surgery. I think this is the best news I’ve heard of late. Let me know if there is anythbing I can do. Love you, Ann

  2. Well…still have to do chemo….don’t know which one I’m dreading the most!!! Wish you were here…if you are up, call me….love you…sam

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