MD Anderson Makes Me Wanna Whoop Somebodies ASS

YEsterday was off the charts….I had MANY phone calls from MD Anderson and the only thing I wanted was my pathology report and films that were taken when all this got started. There was so many people calling me asking me insane questions…like who was my Doctor, I said, I have not gotten a Doctor yet, What is my medical number, I said, I haven’t gotten a medical number yet, well, then, you must call this number to get those things before we can talk to you Ms.VanBibber…They had my films and my reports and I had not even BEEN to MD Anderson yet. I don’t believe it was a single person messing this all up but their system. I was even listed at the International Institute….I FINALLY got one person with a grain of intelligence on the phone. I was so stressed out at that moment, she could hear it in my voice. She volunteered to meet me in the parking garage so I wouldn’t have to park and bring down my files and hand them to me. She also told me she looked at my case and that MD Anderson “dropped the ball” so to speak on my case and I should have already had surgery or started chemo by now since I was diagnosed in July 12. She apologized for the mistake!!! Ladies and gentlemen it is Sept. 2….I have lived with this in my body for how long…before it was even discovered!!! And because MD Anderson is so large, they screwed my whole case up by losing or getting my film mixed up with someone elses….after the fact when I was home with my pathology samples safely in my refrigerator and my films in a safe place for me to take to the next hospital, I get a yet another phone call from someone with a very distinct heavy foreign accent maybe from India, introducing herself as from The International Studies from MD Anderson…asking me if I was who I was and then asked me what country I was from? Not STATE, but COUNTRY….I said, Well, I live down the street from MD ANDERSON via Houston, Tx….she didn’t understand, thought I said I was from a Third World country….Wanted to know how she could help me here in Houston….I was  astonished….how does anyone get better at this hospital. I was told by several people how fortunate I was because I lived in Houston with MD ANderson the best cancer hospital in the world…..well I beg to differ.  This gave me such a bad taste in my mouth, that I decided to move on….and by the way, the last woman who brought me my file apologized to me  or did I say that already? So can you see and feel my frustration.

I am so glad that I’m away from all that madness and moving on to something better, safer and not so stressful. I have been told that I need to eliminate all the stress from my life if at all possible yet, these folks were causing me more stress than you could imagine. I felt like I was on a merry go round and couldn’t get off….laughing at this whole thing now but yesterday was hard but I ended it and then somebody posted a song on FB that made it all okay…..Hope this works….HUMOR IS HELPING ME A LOT AND YALL THAT KNOW ME KNOW I LIKE TO LAUGH….

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4 Responses to MD Anderson Makes Me Wanna Whoop Somebodies ASS

  1. Angela Obenhaus says:

    wow…it is ridiculous…a hospital with their good reputation…they need to get on the ball and treat people like humans, not numbers…thanks for sharing your stories

    • anne carillo says:

      Sam: This STUPIDITY you had to deal with at M.D. Anderson is all too comm on in the fucked up world of Medicine!!! As an R.N. who practiced nursing many years, I got to see this kind of insane shit that you are dealing with day after day!!!!!
      I’m glad you found one person with some compassion to help you. The one person that did the right thing is probobly the only one out of all those idiots that ironically might have been fired for doing the Right Thing.
      I’m not blowing hot air out my Ass; Sam: Please call me with any questions you might have. If you need a cast-iron woman who knows the ropes, trust me I can help!

  2. Randy says:

    I like to laugh too. Then, hey – I say let’s both look in the mirror and laugh like idots athe the monkeys we see!!! Love you, girlie!!

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