“LEO HOROSCOPE…..You are having a tough time reconciling yourself to the news that’s
coming down this morning, but the up side is that you’ve got time in
your favor. Dig in your heels and wait for a better situation.


This was my Leo Horoscope today and boy was it right on. After having battled with MD Anderson and The Rose about a slight confusion of  my records and no return phone calls, and no information about what exactly is about to happen to me, and how large is my tumor, what stage I’m in,  and how everything is going to work, I decided with the help of a good friend, to look for other options. I do NOT want to be a number in a large pool of people, this has already given me so much anxiety so I chose to look elsewhere for a little better cancer clinic. With the suggestion of my friend that went to the Breast Cancer Clinic of St. Joseph’s Hospital in downtown Houston and the ease of getting an appointment TODAY I now know what to expect. Not that any of this is good, but now I can make a decision what to do for my own health. I am getting another biopsy at St. Joseph’s hospital. And I won’t go into what my options are just yet, I want to get the biopsy first and then let everyone know.

I feel totally at ease with the surgeon whom I spoke too today. Dr. Patrick Wallace.  He did a physical exam and reviewed my pathology report. Just like when I took care of my husband, I felt like I could have been a brain surgeon because of everything I learned about TBI’s and I am a total authority on nursing homes in Texas …and don’t get me started on them…!!! I will be an authority on Breast Cancer and will be able to help another woman after I’m all said and done with my treatment. This is what we do, we help each other. My friend will forever be in my heart for what she did for me today.  She picked me up and took me to my appointment andwas there holding my hand. Ladies, this is by far the worse thing to hear. “You have breast cancer!!!” it is terrifying to say the least. And I’ve been ridden with anxiety to the fact that I thought I was having a heart attack.   And I’ve just started on this journey, so ride this one out with me and I’ll sure be there for you if you need me.

I will give you more details as I find out and looking forward to a second biopsy of the actual tumor later this week.

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One Response to I HAVE A CHOICE

  1. Wilma Weasel says:

    You will look as beautiful as ever. No, you will NOT look ugly or like a freak! That’s a common worry, especially for us women. You will get thru this and kick it’s butt! You are strong and beautiful and yes, your beautiful hair will grow back just as gorgeous! Keep the faith, Sista!!!!!

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