Got Good News Yesterday

Been working at Alissa Ferdey’s art studio helping her with a project. No, I’m not lifting anything with my left arm, just in case you are wondering. I follow Dr.s orders. I got the call from The Rose late yesterday afternoon. I was approved for Medicaid and my paperwork has been submitted to MD Anderson. Soon I will get a call from someone at MD Anderson and I will start the long treatment for BC. I was so happy and relived, I cannot tell you. I immediately sent out text messages to lots of my friends that get texts and today writing here on my blog. I cried tears of happiness, I was so afraid for whatever reason that I wouldn’t get accepted as a Medicaid patient.  Don’t ask me why, but if you have no insurance and little income to even begin to pay for and illness, you would be afraid too.

Back when I was really young…well, hell, I’m still young, just younger…I worked as an insurance agent in Memphis, Tenn. I was one of 5 women to be hired by this very old insurance company in Tennessee, Nationwide Insurance.  My whole family had life insurance from this company, in fact most of the people of Memphis had it. I was a pioneer back then in the 1970s…and this year was about 1977. I was a member of NOW and woman liber, I am WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!!! I went to school and got my license to sell life, health, disability, renters and annuities and I soon moved up in the company and made all kinds of records selling my products. One of the things I sold was a CANCER INSURANCE Protection Policy…it was a little policy that only paid when people came down with cancer. The catastrophic damage it can do to families, this paid money weekly to the sick person and to the family and had a life insurance amount connected to it also…One of my selling tools was stats on how much cancer treatment costs and I had many stories to tell my potential clients…I was trained well, educated…and I was one of the top sales persons on many Fridays at our staff meeting. I never bought the policy myself, because when you are young you don’t really think much about your own mortality…death knocking at your door, nah…its just not all that important. But I believed in my product, it was a supplement to their health policy. Thinking back on this…it was a very long time ago. I bought a 3 piece business suit in baby blue and a brief case and I was barely 30 years old , my slacks were bell bottomed of course and I was well respected by my clients. But some of the men that I worked with did not like the fact that a WOMAN was doing their job better than they were. I had two different encounters with men trying to undermine me, and trying to “get in my pants!”…and I was a married woman at the time. I reported each incident…I was strong and I sold the MOST cancer policies for the division I was in and sometimes in the whole state….reflecting back on this time in my life makes me realize how far I’ve come and the irony of it all.

I will use this blog to let my friend and family know what is going on with me. I’m still sacred but I do know that I’m going to beat this with modern technology. Back in the 1970s, more people did not survive cancer and this is where my own fears stemmed from…all that education on cancer…I had forgotten until I sat down here this morning to write to you.  All I can say is WOW…I had forgotten….but technology and science in health is light years ahead of the 1970s era….guess I just dated myself…whatever!! hahahaha your only as old as you feel and BABY, I AM YOUNG and rockin and rollin…..

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One Response to Got Good News Yesterday

  1. Angela Obenhaus says:

    That is great news!…my partner John’s mother is a breast cancer survivor, along with my aunt. I wish only the best for you, and I am sure you will beat this thing. Medicines have come along way…even since John’s mother back in 2000…she also had it in her lymphnodes of her right arm…She is very healthy now.

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