Think you got problems?

I’ve looked at this man’s videos before but this time with a different eye. My roommate sent this to me this morning and I thank her. This sort of puts everything into perspective.  Life could be worse. I could have no fingers to type my thoughts to you, no arms to hug someone back or not legs to walk and drive a car. I am a whole person in body, he is not, but he is whole  in spirit. And that is what really counts in life. Whole in spirit. So what, I’ve got a little bump in my road. I will be okay, I will go through this process, I will cry, and I will feel like wholly shit but I will survive and I will have my fingers and toes and I can get up and walk to the corner. I am grateful for all that. We take our limbs for granted….did you see those girls crying in the audience?They too had a wake up call!!!! Celebrate life each and every day cause God has a plan for you and for me. Live it, love it cause you  got a choice…it is what it is, like I said the other day, life is all in how you handle plan B. Cause God gives you the ability to have a plan B…but he already knows what that is going to be because he gave you the ability to think and plan for Plan B…its up to YOU and ME to find it and do it. I’m doing it now…taking charge of my body, my soul, my heart. Plan B for me is to live my life each day to its fullest. Not bullshitting you here….sit back and watch….I’m gonna be okay now.

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2 Responses to Think you got problems?

  1. bellalace says:

    Been reading your blog (*grin*) and loving every word of it, every hopeful, angry, sad, happy word of it. They are your words and you are Sam, one of the greatest people I know. I love this guy you posted; he is so at peace with himself and is spreading that peace throughout the world. Thank God for viral video. He has changed the lives of so many, so far, and is willing to go to the end of his life with his message.
    You, too, are changing our lives through your circumstance and you will find your strength many times over, just as we will find ours because of you. This ain’t no journey alone for you, girl. This is a whole busload of babes who are hooping and hollering, carrying and holding, hugging and loving all the way.
    Of COURSE you’re gonna be okay! You never were not okay. You just forgot. That’s all. You forgot your strength, your power, and you very temporarily forgot the co-creator in you that is God.
    When I pray for you I never ask God to “give” you strength. I always ask Her to show you your strength, to remind you of it (re-mind) and to BE mind-ful of it.
    You got it. You’re already okay. You’re FINE, woman! and don’t ever forget that.

  2. Lori says:

    Thank you – Bellalace!
    My sentiments EXACTLY!
    I thank GOD/Goddess every DAY that Sammy has such WONDERFUL and supportive friends such as yourself!

    AWESOMEly and succinctly PUT!

    Blessings –

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