Just for today

Today, All I know is its okay to cry.

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4 Responses to Just for today

  1. Vironica D. says:

    Someone told me about your Blog, I have cancer too, and thought it would help me to share ways to help yourself. It is not my style to discuss these issues publicly, so if you want, you can email me.

  2. Me says:

    Hey lady! It IS ok to cry, but you know so much more than that. You know you are loved. You know that you will come out of this BETTER. Better in a lot of different ways. Better like getting better, getting well, healing. Better like better at taking care of YOU. Better like becoming more kickass (yes it’s possible!). I’m just sayin’.
    I love you. You’re my favorite old lady;)

  3. Lori says:

    Sammy, more kick-ass?

    She keeps cans of it stored in her art car “hoop-dee”! and some in her pantry – so if she’s getting MORE – we better all watch out!

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